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GrowFX is a place where we assist you in learning and understanding about the forex market and the opportunities and risks involved within it. We are proud of the financial security and trading success we’ve helped so many clients establish. Our goal is to provide traders around the globe the skills involved in forex trading and increase their income to the next level, which is why we share analysis for all forex trading signals so that you reach your full potential. We give you simplicity, transparency, and honesty, and we care about your progress as a forex trader. As we are the leading free forex signals provider, we serve you with accurate forex signals in our discord server. Moreover, you can discuss your trade setups with the rest of the community.

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Market analysis

We believe one of the best ways to learn to analyse the markets to become a successful forex trader is by seeing examples of other analysis. Therefore, we share technical analysis for all forex signals via Discord for education and trading purposes.

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Highly Accurate Signals

we have 80-85% accuracy in our signals monthly. All signals come with an entry point, take profit (TP) and stop-loss (SL) figure.


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Risk Management

Managing your risk is key for survival in the forex market therefore, we provide advice on how to manage your risk and the lot sizes recommended based on your account size.

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You will have access to contact our mentor and analysts online 24/7 on Telegram @GrowFXSupport.

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Being a free forex signals provider, our server has a great community allowing all members to share setups and other trading tools to help each other grow in the forex world.

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free forex signals telegram
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Receive free alerts on your phone on the trades we take given with analysis.

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  • 4-8 signals Weekly
  • analysis for each trade
  • daily and weekly pip count
  • 80-85% success rate
  • GOLD signals
  • Access to VIP chat
  • 24/7 support



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more reviews can be seen on our discord reviews channel

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you are hesitating, do not worry- we are here to explain everything you might want to know. Let us help!


Currently, we provide VIP signals where you also get added to VIP chat and an analysis/setups channel to view which signals are near to trigger ahead of time or to use as confirmation for your own trading. Mentorship will be back up running soon.

No, you do not need any experience, we can help get you all set up and show you how the forex signals work. We have a friendly community that can help out with any questions too.

We provide 2 take profits with each forex signal. Scalp traders can close trade at TP1 targeting R:R near 1:1 and swing traders can make trade risk free for R:R of 1:2 – 1:3. Long term result shows making trades risk free yields the best results.

We do not give access to the VIP channel for a trial due to the educational content that’s also shared. However, we have a free signals channel where 1-3 signals from VIP are shared every week. You can access the free forex signals through our discord channel.

It will usually take under 3 hours to confirm and verify your payment however we ask for your patience to allow up to 24 hours.

We provide signals primarily during London (9am-2pm BST) and Asian session (11pm-7am BST).

The minimum capital you can start with is £200 however, we’d advise starting up with £600+ so you can implement risk management in the right way.

Our signals on average generate 20% ROI monthly using 1% risk per trade. With a 2% risk you would make 40% ROI and with 3% you would make 60%. We do not advise risking more than 3% of your entire capital on a trade.

Our analysts provide 4-8 signals per day.

We maintain 80-85% accuracy.

We recommend choosing any ECN regulated broker. Our partnered broker is with XM which have low spreads, no commission and allow the highest leverage of up to 1:888. To open an account, you can use this link:


However, we recommend you do your own research and find out which broker works best for you according to the country you reside in.

No, we do not trade Crypto, we only provide forex and gold signals.

Currently, we provide VIP signals for forex pairs and gold. We also teach our strategy, message @growfxsupport on Telegram for more details.

Regardless of the account size, the minimum risk per trade should be 1% of your trading capital and the maximum risk should be no more than 3%.

You can view the latest reviews and testimonials through our discord channel here: https://t.me/GrowFXReviews

Our support team is always available in the chat group, you can also contact them directly ­@GrowFXSupport on Telegram.

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